Kiss the Sky
That moment

When you’re finally over your past…

I’ve been fucked over more times than I can count. I’ve almost been fucked over by everyone I consider a close friend (except my very best friend). I realize now, after years upon years of the same cycle, that it’s my fault.

I always find a guy who I become good friends with and then do EVERYTHING for, and somehow I manage to fall for them when they do NOTHING for me.
Then they realize I have fallen for them so they either fuck me or just fuck me over (or both… mostly both)…

Don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t happened since the douche with derps (who i did not fuck ftr) left my life… but that was even in September.

I did it because I thought buying what they wanted and doing what they wanted would make them love me.

Yeah, right…

So, from here on out I will not love a man until he shows me he deserves it.
I need a man who will tell me I am beautiful, I need a man who will be there when it matters, not when it’s convenient.

I just hope someday I know what it’s like to have someone be in love with me as much as I’m in love with them.


There’s no blame for how our love did slowly fade,
and now that it’s gone, it’s like it wasn’t there at all…
Here I rest, where disappointment and regret collide lying awake at night.
Death Cab for Cutie 
Title and Registration 
that moment…

when you really need reassurance from literally anyone in the world, and you can’t find anyone to just listen…